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22 May 2018

Design Principles FTW available in App store!

Design Principles FTW is now available as an app in App store. Perfect when you want to kill of some time or simply when you're in need of some inspiration - maybe for creating your own set of principles?

Besides browsing through collections of famous authors and companies, you can now filter collections based on tags. And if you really need some new inspiration,  make sure you give our random design principle generator a try!

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Ten Principles of Simplicity

10 principles

Jay Selway

Eight Principles of Natural User Interfaces

8 principles

Rachel Hinman

Android Design Principles

17 principles

Android Developers

Principles and Patterns for Rich Interaction

6 principles

Bill Scott, Theresa Neil

Don Normans Principles of Design

6 principles

Don Norman

Ten principles for good design

10 principles

Dieter Rams