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Design Principles FTW is a collection of the worlds most successful Design Principles. Read them, use them and let them inspire you to create your own sets of principles.

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Design Principles FTW is a free resource for the design community. The purpose of the site is to offer information and inspiration for all those engaged in designing and crafting digital products. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring one, we aim to provide valuable insights to elevate your craft.

What are design principles anyway?

Gabriel Svennerberg

Gabriel is the creator of Design Principles FTW. He's a Swedish Product manager, UX Strategist, Speaker, Author and co-founder of Boards on Fire.

When he's not curating Design Principles FTW, Gabriel is working as Chief Product Officer at Boards on Fire, a SaaS company enabling organizations to improve their internal processess. He has a long career in running UX-concultancy Meetod and is the author of Beginning Google Maps API 3.

He also holds lecturs and run workshops on UX- and product-strategy. Contact him at gabriel@meetod.com if you're interested.