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Erin Kissane

Erin Kissane

Writer and Editor

Erin is a writer and editor based on the Oregon coast.

Erin Kissane was most recently the editor of Source, a community resource for code and interactive design in newsrooms, and director of content for Source’s publisher, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, a partnership dedicated to easing and highlighting open web innovation within journalism.

Before joining OpenNews, Erin was editorial director at Happy Cog Studios, a member of content strategy agency Brain Traffic, and an independent web publishing specialist in New York and Portland, OR. Her clients have included the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Thomson Reuters, W.W. Norton & Co., Capgemini, the Charter for Compassion, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Erin edited A List Apart magazine for ten years and co-edits Contents magazine, an irregular journal of online publishing and web content presently on hiatus. Her handbook for content strategy practitioners, The Elements of Content Strategy, is available from A Book Apart—an excerpt is available at A List Apart. She has contributed to the Web Standards Project’s Curriculum Framework and speaks internationally on online publishing, community, and the craft of webmaking.

She lives in the woods on the Oregon coast with her partner and their daughter, and is currently on self-imposed sabbatical while she snuggles her kid and researches liberatory models of learning.

You can access more of her writings from her blog Incisive


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Erin Kissane