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Published 13 Nov 2013

Holstee's Design Principles

By Holstee

These are the Design Principles that sustain Holstee's vision to create products that encourage mindful living.

Source: Holstee Design Principles

  1. Use Less And Do More

    We’re always looking for ways to use less and do more. Less material and fewer cuts with more ways to use it, more ways to share it, and more ways to repurpose or recycle it.

  2. Create An Heirloom

    We design our products to stand the test of time, not only in their material life but in their aesthetic as well. Objects you can be proud to pass down, and those that equally excite future generations.

  3. Produce With A Craftsman's Sprit

    It’s not just what's on the outside but what's on the inside that defines an object. Clean bindings, neat stitches, and elegant backs show the depth of craft in an object.

  4. Design For The Heart

    An object should be appreciated by the mind as well as the heart. Charm and character makes it unique when compared to the same functional object. It’s what makes you pause and smile.

  5. Look Back And Think Forward

    We look to new materials and methods of production to improve quality while reducing our impact. Looking back and thinking forward - learning from the longest lasting ecosystem: our planet.

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