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Published 24 Jan 2014

The Edenspiekermann Manifesto

By Edenspiekermann

We regard our work first and foremost as an intellectual process. It may be common practice in our business, but we don’t always want to just show the results of this process (our website does that) but also the thoughts and influences that guide and inspire us. Our attitude towards work, ethics and relationships is condensed in a 7-point manifesto. This attitude doesn’t attract every client under the sun, but we have built some strong and long-lasting relationships with clients who appreciate our dedication and our beliefs.


  1. We work for your customers.

    We may have to take their side at times.

  2. Challenge us.

    Complacency is the enemy of great work.

  3. We don’t give answers.

    Unless we can explore your question.

  4. We are not suppliers.

    Partnership gets the best results.

  5. Talk to us.

    We thrive on feedback.

  6. Trust us.

    You hired us because we do something you cannot.

  7. Pay us.

    Our work adds to your bottom line, so invest in our future.

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