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Government Digital Service

Government Digital Service


Government Digital Service - delivering Digital by Default across government (simpler, clearer, faster)

The Government Digital Service is a new team within Cabinet Office tasked with transforming government digital services.

Established in response to Martha Lane Fox’s report, |‘Directgov 2010 and beyond: revolution not evolution’]( (download the PDF, 2.7MB), our core purpose is to ensure the Government offers world-class digital products that meet people’s needs.

There are two key implications of the strategy of Digital by Default which came out of the government’s response to Martha Lane Fox’s report. The first implication is that government itself needs to become digital in thinking in order to deliver services which are suitable for users. The second implication is that as digital by default comes into effect the scale of government service provision will grow dramatically and the quality and user centricity of major commercial internet properties should be our minimum goal. We aim to make the products and services built by GDS not just best in class, but stand shoulder to shoulder with the sort of digital experience that users come to expect from daily interaction with the giants of the web.

Our aim is to be the unequivocal owner of high quality user experience between people and government through being the architect and the engine room of government digital service provision.

Government service delivery is like a supertanker we must turn. We may not be able to fully fulfil our aims on all of the existing services for a multitude of reasons, however everything we start afresh will be built with this core ethos in mind.

To find out what we’re currently working on, please read (and comment on) our GDS project blogs. If you’d like the challenge of building world leading digital public services by working with the GDS


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Government Digital Service