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Published 19 Dec 2014

Six Universal IBM experiences

By IBM Design

These are the principles that guides IBM's products and services.

"Each experience offers opportunities to solve unmet needs and emotionally bond users to products. These are not product states, they are user experiences."

Be sure to check out the IBM Design Language site which contains in depth explanations of the principles below as well as a wealth of other information.

Source: IBM User experience guidelines

  1. Discover, try and buy

    Meet users where they are. Show, don’t tell. Create a seamless transition from “try” to “buy.”

  2. Get Started

    Invite users in and show them what they can do.

  3. Everyday use

    Users should get personal value every time they interact with your product.

  4. Manage and upgrade

    Upkeep and receiving the newest improvements should be as elegant and predictable as using the product every day.

  5. Leverage and extend

    Everything wants to be mashed up. Each part of your offering should be available as an API.

  6. Get support

    Support users in the ways they want to get help. Expand their knowledge and encourage them share it.

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