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Published 05 Nov 2013

Lullabots Design Principles

By Lullabot

At Lullabot, design is not a rigid methodology and list of deliverables and steps, but rather a process that is guided by some fundamental principles. These principles help shape the ways of working and the kinds of deliverables that are typically produced in the process, but they also provide the flexibility to make smart choices, finding the most effective and efficient ways to meet the clients and their users needs.

Source: Lullabot - Design

  1. Design on purpose

    We believe that design is more than beautification. Design is problem solving. Design creates meaning and significance. For this reason, great design always begins with a fundamental understanding of intent; an appreciation for the problems that need to be solved and the people we're solving them for. Great design asks "why?" as often as it asks "what?" or "how?".

  2. Design with focus

    We believe that design is about priority more than placement or layout. Great design requires a fundamental understanding of structure and hierarchy; hierarchy of goals, audience, needs, and content. We believe that great design frees people to focus on what really matters.

  3. Design for humans

    Because we believe that great design solves problem and creates order, meaning and significance for people, we also believe that great design requires a particular care for people. Clients, stakeholders, content teams, technical teams, end-users and customers are all real humans with real needs. We value knowing their names, seeing their faces, hearing their stories, and working with and for them. We don't simply create websites or mobile apps, we create experiences for real people.

  4. Design simply

    We believe that the best answer is often the simplest answer. We believe patterns should be valued, not everything needs reinventing, and that our best design happens when we hone in on the most pressing problems that current products, efforts and workflows aren't solving.

  5. Design together

    We believe that the design process is not just an undertaking of "designers," but rather a process that requires a dynamic team representing varied focuses and disciplines. We believe that clients, stakeholders and product owners are a vital part of that team, and that great design cannot happen without them. For this reason we value conversations over unveilings. We work to partner with our clients to design great things.

  6. Design progressively

    We believe that great design requires iteration; that the best designs are used and honed, not created and revealed. We believe that great design requires failure, and therefore a great design process requires light-weight, living deliverables that allow for rapid and constant refinement.

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