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Published 24 Jan 2016

Ebay Design Principles

By Ebay

"With and, we announced our intentions to the world. These destinations articulated the excitement of designing for commerce and payments, the design principles we rally around, and celebrated our designers publicly..." Dane Howard

Source: Design Ebay Page

  1. We Craft

    We obsess over every pixel. Every word. Every experience. We make big changes in tiny spaces and small tweaks to global ideas. We won’t release anything we’re not proud of. Because focusing on the details lets us build something truly memorable.

  2. We Simplify

    Building something simple is anything but. So, we’re honest about our impact on people’s lives. We respect their time and spend every waking moment of our day making things simpler. Because simple is loved, needed, used and shared.

  3. We Connect

    We create opportunity by connecting people to each other. That’s a powerful concept–coming up with ways to connect and further interconnect our world anyway we can. It’s an awesome challenge, too. One we dive into headfirst every day.

  4. We Go All In

    We invent, then reinvent. Design, then redesign. Yes, we butt heads sometimes, but only because we’re fighting for the people that depend on us. Our customers need us to do the best work of our lives so that they can do the best work of theirs.

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