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Published 20 Sep 2014



Principles for designing using the method of design thinking. These principles are designed to facilitate empathy, divergent thinking, collaboration and thinking by doing. All corner stones of the design thinking methodology.

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Source: Bootcamp Bootleg

  1. Show Don’t Tell

    Communicate your vision in an impactful and meaningful way by creating experiences, using illustrative visuals, and telling good stories.

  2. Focus on Human Values

    Empathy for the people you are designing for and feedback from these
    users is fundamental to good design

  3. Craft Clarity

    Produce a coherent vision out of messy problems. Frame it in a way to inspire others and to fuel ideation.

  4. Embrace Experimentation

    Prototyping is not simply a way to validate your idea; it is an integral part of your innovation process. We build to think and learn.

  5. Be Mindful Of Process

    Know where you are in the design process, what methods to use in that stage, and what your goals are.

  6. Bias Toward Action

    Design thinking is a misnomer; it is more about doing that thinking. Bias toward doing and making over thinking and meeting.

  7. Radical Collaboration

    Bring together innovators with varied backgrounds and viewpoints. Enable
    breakthrough insights and solutions to emerge from the diversity.

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