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Published 14 Apr 2014

Design Principles of Android Wear

By Android Developers

"Android wearables provide just the right information at just the right time, allowing you to be connected to the virtual world and present in the real world."

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Android Wear experiences are:

Source: Android Wear

  1. Contextually aware and smart

    These devices bring a new level of awareness to computing. Rather than requiring attention and input from users, Android wearables are aware of their situation and state, and helpfully display the right information at the right time. Timely, relevant, specific.

  2. Glanceable

    Wearable devices are used all throughout the day, even when they sit in our peripheral vision. Effective apps provide the maximum payload of information with a minimum of fuss, optimized to provide tiny snippets of relevant information throughout the day. Short, sharp, immediate.

  3. Zero/low interaction

    Staying true to the strengths afforded by a smaller form factor, Android Wear focuses on simple interactions, only requiring input by the user when absolutely necessary. Most inputs are based around touch swipes or voice, and inputs requiring fine-grained motor skills are avoided. Gestural, simple, fast.

  4. Helpful

    Android Wear is like a great personal assistant: it knows you and your preferences, it only interrupts you when absolutely necessary, and it’s always on hand to provide a ready answer. Efficient, respectful, responsive.

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