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Published 11 Dec 2013

BBC Design Philosophy


BBC's design philosophy lays the groundwork for everything they do as a user experience and design team. It guides the way their service look and behave as well as the way they operate as a team. These are their 10 principles.

Also check out BBC GEL for a lot more information about how the UX team at BBC works to create great User Experiences.

Source: GEL - Global Experience Language

  1. Universal

    Our messages are clear and are communicated through simple, useful and intuitive interfaces. Our services are inherently open and accessible.

  2. Compelling

    Our voice ranges from serious and authoritative through to witty and entertaining. We sound authentic and relevant, warm and human. We engage our audiences with compelling storytelling.

  3. Authentic

    We value the familiarity and trust placed in us. We acknowledge the BBC's heritage of iconic design and broadcasting history with subtle references.

  4. Pioneering

    We pioneer design innovations that surprise and delight. We introduce the unexpected but always take our audiences with us.

  5. Current

    We curate a timeline of Britain; reflecting the present as it happens and adding relevant contextual links with the past.

  6. Distinctive

    We stand out by looking to tomorrow instead of simply referencing the design trends of today. We strike a balance between cookie-cutter design and beautiful anarchy.

  7. Joined-up

    All our services and platforms are one connected whole which deliver experiences sensitive to their context of use. We enable coherent journeys both within and outside familiar paths. We connect our audiences where there are shared interests and experiences.

  8. Local / Global

    We need to speak to everyone but we recognise the individual. Our message is scalable and localisable.

  9. Modern British

    Our services are woven into the fabric of everyday life in the UK. They embrace a modern British design aesthetic that extends outside national boundaries. Our character is vibrant and sometimes quirky.

  10. Best

    Last but not least we put quality first.

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