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Published 10 Jan 2016

Fjord's guiding principles

By Fjord

"We create digital services that people fall in love with. Designing this way means our clients develop an emotional connection with their customers, and that builds long-term value for their brands. Our services are helping to create new breeds of behavioural brands that are redefining how people experience digital.

We believe that design never ceases. Driven by the digital transformation of everything, design has moved center stage for business. In order to meet ever-demanding customer demand, businesses need an emotional, customer-centered approach that is combined with rational business analysis and underpinned by technology and organisational transformation. The goal for businesses now is to deliver millions of unique and beautiful experiences – simultaneously."

Source: Fjord Website

  1. Elegant simplicity

    We strive for elegant simplicity in all of our solutions. Our design wins hearts and minds while being both as intuitive and beautiful as possible.

  2. Fun and collaboration

    Our working dynamic champions collaboration and co-creation. It delivers better results, more alignment, and it’s more enjoyable too. We take our work seriously, but believe a little fun can help lead to better results.

  3. Emotion and logic

    Our starting position is to align with the customer to solve problems. But, we also bring analytical skills to bring data and creativity together in order to balance emotional needs with business requirements.

  4. Curiosity

    Our people and teams are cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, cross-industry, and always experimenting. We believe in fostering a culture where people are always asking questions, trying new things, and pushing boundaries.

  5. Design never stops

    Even after it has gone live, all design can be improved if you understand how the service is being used in practice. We work with our clients to optimise based on KPIs and real-time evaluation of their services.

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